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Dora Marchi

Dora Marchi

Dora Marchi Dora Marchi Dora Marchi Dora Marchi

Born in San Casciano in the “Val di Pesa” province of Florence.
Dora Marchi is a biologist and an oenologist, she worked at Antinori in Tuscany for 12 years before moving to Piedmont, where she has been cooperating with Enosis for approximately 20 years. Over the years she has successfully organized and delivered numerous courses covering various aspects of oenology for 1st and 2nd degree level students at the department of Wine-Growing and Enology at the University of Turin.

Dora Marchi, is an expert member of the Technological Oenological Commission of OIV, and for this reason she is Donato Lanati’s “right – hand woman”!

Her role at Enosis is that of Technical Manager, with responsibility for the management of the laboratory, quality control and maintaining client relationships.
In addition to the above responsibilities, she loves teaching and is also passionate about research. She deals directly with clients for the training and education of the technicians in their wine cellars. She is also very interested in microbiology, in the sensorial analysis of grapes and in the study of cork, corks and alternative closures.
She is a tireless promoter of non intrusive enology, preferring enology based on extensive knowledge of varieties starting from the primary and secondary metabolism of the grape.
Dora Marchi loves rosé wines , on which she has performed numerous experiments and carried out a considerable amount of research , she is also very fond of the black Pinot, not only the indigenous Italian variety throughout the world.
In the Enosis laboratory her work has involved research into the natural antioxidants of the grape and the wine, on the sour idrossicinnamicis and on the flavonolis with an aim to reduce the sulphites in the wines. She is currently carrying out an in depth study on the quercetina.
Whilst being the author of numerous papers and publications herself, she also assisted Donato Lanati with the writing and layout of his books “De Vino” and “il Gaglioppo e i suoi fratelli".

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Honorary member of ONAV
Member of the Confraternity of ‘I Moschettieri dell’Armagnac’
Member of the order of ‘Confrèrie des Chevaliers du Tastevin – Clos Vougeot’