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Calice Meraviglia e Genesis

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Calice Meraviglia


This hand-made glass is perfectly designed to highlight and intensify the olfactory sensations an, the wine-tasting experience, while also properly oxygenating the wine. Its shape is highly original, characterized by a central bulbous ring referred to as ‘the ring of Saturn’. The wine glass was created after a thorough study of the invisible aromas that emanate from the wine. Some of these aromas rise quickly to the free space in the glass in an attempt to escape, while others return to the wine. And that is not all: bouquet and perfumes intrinsic to the grape varietals and their ‘terroir’ also rise to the rim of the glass and disappear. The central bulbous ring of the glass (the ring of Saturn) traps these precious molecules. It also optimizes the oxygenation of the wine and prevents the formation of deposits in the wine glass.



Genesis is an experimental wine fermentation tank born out of a project by Donato Lanati and created and built together wIth Gimar Tecno di Occimiano. Genesis answers the needs of the enologist by identifying the best winemaking and vinification processes for each available single grape variety. Enosis’ philosophy is based on the principle that the grape itself, with all its constitute parts, aromas and distinct characteristics, is at the very center of winemaking. Genesis uses advanced technology to program and carry out maceration, temperature control, skin contact, oxygen, and numerous other aspects of winemaking the final goal is that of using technological and knowhow to create wines that respect the variety, the wine varietal, and the terroir.