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The universe of wine

Geography, culture and images from the wine regions of the world

The universe of wine
The universe of wine

» The universe of wine

Geography, culture and images from the wine regions of the world

Translated by Enosis Ltd
Author: Catarina Hiort Af Hornäs


During a trip to Sweden in November 2000 for a series of lectures, I had the pleasure of meeting Catarina Hiort Af Ornäs, one of Europe’s leading journalists, who presented me with her latest book: Vinbok. Gradually, as I thumbed through the pages (I do not know Swedish), I noticed that the geography of the areas where wine is produced was presented in a clear way, easy to understand, and the photographs communicated culture and tradition in an immediate and up front manner.

The fact that a country where wine is not produced could offer such a competent and complex discussion on current state of winemaking was quite surprising.I have to add, with a touch - or maybe too much – of criticism that has always been a part of me, that falling in "Platonic" love is something that I reached with I observed (after reading the translation) just how the impartial observation point of the Author allowed her to carry out an examination of the different wine-producing areas and terroirs without any fear, and without giving priority or exaggerated importance to countries like Italy, rather pushing towards an in-depth study of the well-established phenomena in different corners of the world: primarily California and South Africa.

The book offers perhaps too few pages on Italy – I would have preferred to see a few more pages and more produces, but that is how she decided to write it.  It is extremely interesting for me to understand, and also respect, the viewpoint of those (experts) who follow and judge us from abroad.Enosis, which has been working in publishing for some time now, is proud to offer those working in the wine industry, as well as experts and wine lovers, the Italian version of Vinbok, an important contribution for professional training and critical thought that are important in order to allow our country to reach that level of international success – in content and the image of this nation – that it rightfully strives for.


Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • The history of wine
  • From grapes to wine

  • Tasting

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